To all Coaches and Contestants from Asia and two America continents:

(Please pass this e-mail and attachment below to those who are interested in

Asia-America Programming Contest.)

(1) Northeast China Contest Advisory Council had created Sino-Russia Friendship

Programming Contest in June 2013. There were four Russian Teams came

to Mudanjiang Multi-provincial programming Contest. Congratulations. I believe there

will be more Russian teams come to Harbin in late May, 2014.

(2) Some of Texas State faculty are also creating Asia-America Programming

Contest. Teams from all Asia and two America continents are all invited.

We expect the turn out will be small for this first year first time.

If your university wants to make the effort to help you to participate AA Friendship, Our

steering committee will help to speed up the visa application for you.

(We will announce earlier for next year.)

(3) Both these inter-countries contests are grouped under Asia Provincial/Invitational.

(3) The following is the flyer.

Call for Registration

ACM-ICPC Asia-America Friendship &

Texas State University Programming Contest

 October 12, 2013

1. - Registration:

·         For each team member, create an account in the ACM-ICPC website:

·         Register teams of three members on the ACM-ICPC Asia-America Friendship & Texas State University Contest. The contest site is under Asia and under Provincial/Invitationalcontest:; No registration fee.

2. – Practice:

A great variety of contest problems are available for practice on the Texas State University ICPC website:

3. – Travel Support:

All out of town teams will be eligible for accommodation of up to two nights in a San Marcos, Texas, hotel. Lunch and dinner, for up-to two days, will be provided by the contest committee. Transportation to San Marcos, Texas, USA and visa costs are self-paid. Invitation letter for visa applications can be obtained from

4. – Scholarships:

The winning team will receive a full or partial travel scholarship to attend one of the regional contests in the USA. Texas State University students will receive full travel-expense reimbursement.

5. – Additional information such as eligibility and contest details: 

·      (Includes a copy of this flyer, contest problem, & etc.)




For further information contact: Jose Antonio Martinez Torres (,

or Dr. Dan Tamir (

source :

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